Quick Facts
Poems inside "Poetry and Prose from the Director's Ass. " specifically about Star Trek are:
Changing Captains (How Kate Mulgrew became captain the Voyager), You Get Nothing
(The wonders of Craft Service),
Gambler's Delight (Crew folks like to wager), Scott (The
Enterprise Captain was played by Scott Bakula),
Jeri Ryan (The actress who played
Seven-ofNine on Voyager),
Are the Worst One's Always Method Actors? (Sometimes
casting is weird),
Carbohydrate City (Eat, Eat, and Eat some more), and Shran Rap
(Shran, an Andorian seen on Star Trek: Enterprise, was played by Jeffory Combs)

There are
26 poems in "Poetry and Prose from the Director's Ass. ", an addendum of
Light Bulb Jokes, and a second addendum about the positions found on a
movie set.  It's 96 pages long!

Many of the poems are about the risks and rewards of a Hollywood lifestyle, one is about
Deadwood, the HBO series, and a few are about life in general.

Michael DeMeritt started at a 2nd 2nd Assistant Director on Star Trek: Voyager

Michael first started writing humorous lyrics to songs and light short poems he would recite
to actors and Make-up and hair crew while he served on Star Trek: Voyager.

Michael became the Key 2nd Assistant Director in the fourth season of Star Trek: Voyager.

Jerri Ryan was the first to encourage Michael to keep some of his humor oriented poetry,
not to discard them as he had been doing, and that suggestion eventually lead to the
2006 book "Poetry and Prose from the Director's Ass. ".  She played Seven-of-Nine on
Star Trek: Voyager.

Michael Rose to First Assistant Director at the end of Star Trek: Voyager.  He rotated
between Key Second and First on Star Trek: Enterprise until the unexpected death of
Jerry Fleck in the second season of Enterprise.Michael remained a First Assistant Director
until Star Trek: Enterprise was canceled in 2005. Eleven straight seasons on Star Trek.

Michael has a commentary track about this transitory time on the 3rd season DVD
collection of Star Trek: Enterprise for the episode
Northstar.  Michael is the only
below-the-line person to have a commentary track on a Star Trek DVD to date.
Assistant Director
"Make It or Break It"
First Assistant Director
on Star Trek Enterprise

You'll find his commentary
track on
"Northstar" in season