Key 2nd Assistant Director, 1st AD on 2nd Units
MOONLIGHT (Silver Productions) 2007 to now
Producers: Joe Silver, Paul Kurta
First ADs: R
obin Oliver, Ken Collins

Key 2nd Assistant Director, 1st AD on 2nd Units
CLOSE TO HOME (Bruckheimer/CBS) 2006 to 2007
Producers: Jerry Bruckheimer, Johnathan Little, Eric Overmeyer, Jill Danton, Matt Earl Beasly
UPM: Mark Bashaar
First ADs: Richard Gershman, Ken Collins, Chip Laughlin, Glenn Steelman, Liz Ryan
, Susan

STAR TREK ENTERPRISE (Paramount) 2001 to 2005
Producers: Rick Berman, Brannon Braga, Manny Coto, Merri Howard
Directors He was First  AD for: Allan Kroeker, Levar Burton, James Contner, David Straiton,
David Livingston, James Conway, Robert Duncan McNeil, Michael Vejar, Michael Grossman,
Roxann Dawson

STAR TREK VOYAGER (Paramount) 1995 to 2001 (2 episodes and
over 300 2nd units)
Producers: Rick Berman, Brannon Braga, Ken Biller, Merri Howard.
Directors He was First AD for: Mike Vejar, Dan Curry, Terry Windell, Allan Kroeker.

LAS VEGAS (NBC) 2005-2006
UPM: Lorie Zerweck
First ADs: Sam Mahony, Randol P. Taylor

JUST LEGAL (Warner Brothers) 2005
UPM: Stuart Lyons
First ADs: David Trotti, Tony Kountz

STAR TREK VOYAGER (Paramount) 1995 to 2000
UPM/Line Producer: Brad Yacobian
First ADs: Jerry Fleck, Arlene Fukai

JEFF OF THE UNIVERSE (Fox)  1999 Pilot.
Producer/Director: David Mirkin
UPM: Bob Simon
First AD: Jerry Fleck

PUSH (Alpine Productions)  1997 Pilot.
Producers: Mark Perry, Laura Gregory, Andy Morhan
UPM: Bob Del Valle
ADs: Janet Davidson, Scottie Gissel

L.A. LAW (Fox) 1992-95, series.
Producers: Elodie Keene, Mark Tinker, Jim Hart
UPM/Line Producer: Denny Salvaryn
ADs: Richard Gershman, Connie Rinaldo Williams, Bob Yannetti, Susan Moen

FBI The Untold Stories (Series)
Columbo: Point After Death (MOW),
Other pilots and commercials too.

Citizen Cohn (HBO Feature), Lady Boss (Mini-series), All I Want for Christmas (Paramount
Feature), Quantum Leap (Series), Parker Lewis Can’t Lose (Series), Jennifer 8 (Paramount
Feature), The Wonder Years (Series), Steel Justice (MOW), Shades of LA (Series), The
Torkelsons (Sit-com), Newsies (Universal Feature), Esme’s Little Nap (Pilot)
Michael DeMeritt the
Assistant Director
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