Michael DeMeritt

  Michael DeMeritt worked for United Artists cable as a producer/editor before he was accepted into the Director’s
Guild of America’s (DGA) Producer Training Program. He became a member of the DGA in 1992 by completing the
intense hands-on two year program designed to train candidates in the best methodology for production management
in film and television through assignments on major production and course work conducted on weekends. He worked
his way through the ranks of Assistant Directors (AD) from 2nd 2nd AD to 1st AD all the while continuing to write,
produce and provide service as a confidential script “doctor”. He remains popular at Literary and Science-Fiction
conventions and occasionally conducts seminars of the core skills of production management.

Production Management Credits – Assistant Director - Staff
•        “Make It or Break It” (ABC Family)
•        “Boldly Going Nowhere” (FOX)
•        “Moonlight” (Series, Silver Productions/Warner Brothers)
•        “Californication” (Series, HBO)
•        “Close to Home” (Series, Brookheimer/Warner Brothers)
•        “Las Vegas” (Series, NBC)
•        “Star Trek: Enterprise” (Series, Paramount Pictures)
•        “Star Trek: Voyager” (Series, Paramount Pictures)
•        “L.A. Law” (Series, Bochco Productions)
•        “FBI The Untold Stories” (Series, Independent)
•        “Columbo” (MOW, Falk Productions)
•        “Jennifer 8” (Feature Film, Paramount Pictures)
•        “All I Want for Christmas” (Feature Film, Paramount Pictures)
•        “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose” (Series, FOX)
•        “Wonder Years” (Series, Original Productions)
•        “Robosaurus” (MOW, Universal Studios)
•        “Shades of L.A.” (Series, Papazian/Hersh)

Producing, Directing and Writing Credits
•        “Gen’s Guiltless Gourmet” (Series, 3rd Point
Productions) Line Producer
•        “Kitchen Academy” (Series Presentational, Reality,

3rd Point Productions) Producer, Writer.
•        “Go Green”, “Video Email”, “Get Help”, “Hollywood Storage”,

(Commercials, 3rd Point Productions) Producer, Writer
•        “Poetry and Prose from the Director’s Ass. ”, (Book,

Armathest Publications). Author.
•        “Dark Side” (MOW, VonChristiansen Productions). Director,

Co-Author, Script Writer.
•        “Pandora’s Prodigy” (Comic Book, DC). Writer.
•        “Minotuar 123” (Movie – spect script). Writer
•        “Triple Access” (Series-Game Show, United Artists).

Director, Producer, Writer.
•        “ORV Environmentalists” (Documentary, Morgan

Productions) Producer, Writer, Editor.
•        “Regional Football” (Live telecasts, United Artists).

Executive Producer, Director, Technical Director.
•        “Movieviews” (Series, Video Eyes). Executive Producer,

Host, Editor.
•        “Videoscope” (Series, Video Eyes). Executive Producer,

Director, Writer.
•        Various news segments and documentary shorts.

(Segment, Single Camera, United Artists)
Executive Producer, Writer, Director.
•        “Ninja Master” (MOW, Video Eyes). Executive Producer,

Director, Writer, Editor.
•        “Talk With Tim” (Series, WELM). Producer,

Technical Director.
•        “Flight” (MOW, Video Eyes). Executive Producer, Director, Co-Writer, Editor.

Awards and Recognitions

Ingham Award, Nominee - Best of Show, Entertainment (Student)
“Flight”  (Co-Author, Director, Editor, Producer)  - Video Eyes Productions

Ingham Award, Winner – Best of Show, Entertainment (Student)
“Ninja Master: A Parody”  (Author, Director, Editor, Producer) – Video Eyes Productions

Philo T. Farnsworth Award, Winner – Best Series (Cable)
“MovieViews”  (Producer, Editor, Co-Creator) – Armathest Productions/United Artists

Philo T. Farnsworth Award, Nominee – Best Series (Cable) – 3 consecutive years
“Videoscope” (Producer, writer, editor) – Armathest Productions/United Artists

Oakland County Community Award, Nominee – Best of Year (Local Origination)
Philo T. Farnsworth Award, Winner – Best of Entertainment (Cable)
“Dark Side” (Director, Script Writer, Editor) – VonChristiansen Entertainment

GenCon Participants Poll – Best Original Module (RPG)
“Thalen’s Dungeon” (Author, Presenter)

Emmy Recognition Certificate (issued by Ron Moore), Visual Effects
“Star Trek Enterprise” (First Assistant Director) – Paramount Pictures
Each Emmy award winner can recognize eight fellows with a certificate acknowledging their role in winning the Emmy

Presenter/Lecturer and Instructor

Presenter/Lecturer: “Star Trek Enterprise: Behind the Camera from Behind a Camera” (Multimedia lecture), “Background Artists as
Accent and Punctuation” (Class on Aesthetics), and “From Idea to Editor in 14 Days” (Lecture)

Leap Back (Media Con), Los Angeles, CA (2009)
Creations Las Vegas (Media Con), Los Vegas, NV (2006 & 2008)
Orycon (Writer’s Con), Portland, Oregon (2006)
World Con (Writer’s Con), Los Angeles, CA (2006)
Creations Las Vegas (Media Con), Los Vegas, NV (2006)
ConZilla (Writer’s Con), San Diego, CA (2006)
SFSC (Media Con), Atlanta, GA (2006)
Columbus Sci-Fi Con (Media Con), Columbus, OH (2006)
First Contact Conventions (Media), Melbourne, Victoria – Australia (2005)
StellarCon (Writer’s Con) Greensboro, NC (2004)

Principle Speaker, “Scott Bakula of Star Trek Enterprise” (Multimedia lecture)
ScottFest Convention, Los Angeles, California (2005)

Instructor, “Assistant Directors as Chaos Managers” (Class on Production)
Directors Guild of America’s Producer Training Program, restricted to introductory DGA trainees (2001)

Instructor, “Advanced Off-Line Editing Techniques” (Course on video editing), “Live Television Production Van Use” (Course on use of
multi-camera production vehicles), “Basic Studio Production” (Course on multi-camera studio television production), and “Basic
Field Camera Production” (Course on single camera video production)