When the book came out, and I got my copy, I wasn't sure what to expect – I
knew Mike was articulate and knowledgeable, humane and warm and fun-loving,
but writing poetry is a whole ‘nother thing: Dying is easy, comedy is hard, and
poetry is harder still.

The poems through which Mike shines, in all of the ways he does, are those
without rhyme, without reason, and without self-consciousness – they are the
poems about his wife, his daughters, and his life, culminating in the last poem of
his book, "Basis"; the last is truly the best.

When he closes that poem with, "Don't ever wonder why I love you," I wish I
didn't come from the Al Calavicci school of marriage, and that Mike had a much-
older, unattached brother.

I can hardly wait for Mike's next book.
Mera Jane Triffler Wolf, Ph.D.
Reader's Reviews of "Poetry and Prose from the Director's Ass.  "

Just finished reading your book and thoroughly loved it. Thank you for the
autograph and the photo. I haven’t shared this around, but I did a collage using
that picture that I thought you might like to have. Anyway, it’s my way of saying
thank you.

Jo Fox (a friend of Barbara’s)
I picked up your book to glance through it and wound up reading it from
cover to cover, completely forgetting that I was supposed to make a run to
the drug store that afternoon! I enjoyed it very much and hope that write
Thanks again,
Suzie Raney