“Star Trek: From Idea to Editor in 14 Days
How did they do it? Seven days of planning, seven
days of shooting.  Mike explains the difficulties, the
tools, and the thinking behind production planning
using Star Trek Enterprise as a model.

Star Trek Enterprise: Behind the Camera from
Behind a Camera
” (Multimedia lecture)
A fun crowd pleaser where Michael taps into a few
hundred of the crew taken shots he has acquired
over the years.  A big slide show, really, but a must
for Star Trek fans.

The Artistry of Background Actors” (Seminar on
What is a Background Artist? Do they still use old
words like "silent bit", "Extra", or "Walking Props"?
How can you tell good background use from bad
background use?  Will you ever look at a movie or
TV show the same again?  

"Acting for the Camera" (Class)
So you think you can act, maybe you really can! In
this class we won't work on your talent, but you skill
set.  What's a mark? How can you be sure to make
the production staff love you? What defines a pro
from a hack? Why are TV actors worth their weight in
gold?  Take the class and expand your knowledge
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