Assistant Director, Writer, Consultant, Instructor - whew!

Michael graduated from Michigan State University, then worked for
United Artists before he (and 2,000 other applicants) competed for
20 spots in the
Director's Guild of America's Producer Training
.  He was selected.  He has worked as an AD on many well
known productions,
Close to Home, Star Trek, Columbo, The
Wonder Years
, Citizen Cohn, Jennifer Eight, and L.A. Law to name
a few. He never stopped writing, had a few articles published, and
a comic book for DC.  Mike conducts seminars on television and
film production, for both students and fans of films too. He is
always ready to appear with a multi-media presentation for sci-fi
and writer's conventions (drop a note if you are interested in
Michael appearing at your CON).  He also serves as a script
consultant, or doctor if you prefer.  Hit the link and learn more.
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